I can speak on the topics below at companies, conferences, or private events.
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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Objective: Equip mid-level managers and entrepreneurs with the understanding and skills leading to improved critical thinking and decision-making.

Striving for Excellence

Objective: Facilitate a culture of excellence, curiosity, learning, and accountability. Appropriate for any key leader, small business owner, and entrepreneur.

Moral and Contextual Leadership

Presents a two layer model of leadership: a moral approach to leadership that establishes set values/virtues that will always be necessary, and a contextual model that is applied depending on the context and objective. This presentation is geared toward executive leadership, people managers, high-performing employees, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Removing Undermining Beliefs and Behaviors

This presentation is applicable to any individual seeking to identify and begin removing the beliefs and behaviors that are undermining performance and happiness, regardless of context (personal or professional).

Aligning the Organization

Ensure that the organization is doing the work aligned with the organization’s vision and objectives.

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