Hiding Behind Business Process

Business process creates predictability, but it can also stifle growth and innovation. When we cling rigidly to processes, we use them as a shield, never venturing beyond their secure boundaries. If something goes wrong, we can deflect blame onto “the process,” absolving ourselves of responsibility.

To truly excel, we must strike a balance between two types of business processes:

  1. Those that ensure consistency in daily output and quality for the organization.
  2. Those that push the boundaries of thinking, innovation, excellence, and personal accountability.

Excellence demands both consistency and experimentation, predictability and growth. While adhering to business processes that yield reliable outcomes, we must also allocate time each day to step outside of those processes. Only by exploring uncharted territories can we discover new ideas, expand our capabilities, and propel our businesses forward.

Seek shelter when shelter is needed, but don’t remain confined. The path to excellence lies in braving the storm, venturing into the unknown, and continuously pushing beyond existing horizons.