Customized Training

What are your greatest needs as an entrepreneur, executive, or manager?

What are the greatest needs that your organization has, that if solved, would increase your productivity, innovation, culture, sales growth or profitability?

I will design a customized training program for you and your organization that best meets your needs and creates the desired impact. My training philosophy is to teach principles and frameworks, engage participants in active discussion, assess current vs desired state, and then to set plans and report back on progress and learning.

Submit your request here and I’ll reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and objectives.

Here are some trainings to consider:

Critical Thinking & Decision Making
  • Objective: Become a more consistent and effective thinker and decision-maker by learning principles of critical thinking, mental models, and a decision-making framework.
moral & contextual leadership
  • Objective: Learn a framework that defines and leverages a set of core leadership values that should always play a central role in every situation, and contextual styles that are deployed based on the objective.
Designing culture to achieve objectives
  • Objective: Learn the principles of an effective culture, and how to intentionally design to reflect core values of the organization and those that will achieve objectives. Culture is values-based and very practical and must always be nurtured and enforced.
Organizational alignment
  • Objective: Identify your core objectives, prioritizes, and initiatives, then compare the work actually being done from the bottom up. This is a very hands-on and personalized training that will identify key misalignments and a plan to solve/realign.
striving for excellence
  • Objective: Identify what excellence really is (and what it’s not), highlight the achievability for anyone or any organization willing and committed, assess current state, and create a plan to change your trajectory and begin achieving greater success in life and in your professional pursuit.

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