Critical-thinking, Mental Models and Decision-making

My favorite quotes about critical-thinking, mental models, and decision-making. Mastering these skills will differentiate you from artificial intelligence (AI), competition and irrelevancy.

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less (Marie Curie).
The further we are from the results of our decisions, the easier it is to keep our current views rather than update them (Shane Parrish).
… the map is not the territory. … the description of the thing is not the thing itself. The model is not reality. The abstraction is not the abstracted (Shane Parrish).
Reality is messy and complicated… However, if the aim becomes simplification rather than understanding we start to make bad decisions (Shane Parrish).
[We need to] remember that our maps and models are abstractions and … to understand their limits. We forget there is a territory that exists separately from the map. This territory contains details the map doesn’t describe. We run into problems when our knowledge becomes of the map, rather than the actual underlying territory it describes (Shane Parrish).
in that sweet spot between 40% and 70% information (or read, learned, confidence, planned, etc), you have more than enough to go on, and your intuition can fill in the gaps.

At the lower bounds, you are prepared to make a first step … [and] while the decision is being played out, you will gain information, confidence, and knowledge that can bump you toward a higher degree of certainty (Peter Hollins).