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Whether you’re an entry-level employee, a mid-level manager, or aspiring entrepreneur, learn the business skills identified by CEOs as the most needed yet lacking.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a mindset that intelligently questions assumptions, seeks to identify biases, considers multiple perspectives, and assesses future-looking opportunities, all in an effort to:

  • Improve decision-making
  • Enhance problem-solving by identifying and addressing root causes
  • Communicate more effectively and persuasively
  • Increase innovation and create better strategy
  • Ironically, increase your empathy!

Leadership Development

Effective leaders inspire and guide their organizations toward winning. They foster a positive and collaborative work environment, require critical and innovative thinking, and build capabilities.

Effective leaders have the toolkit to adapt their leadership style to the context they’re engaged in.

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Use multi-disciplinary mental models to see from various perspectives

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Eliminate your mental blind spots

See problems and solutions that others can’t see

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